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CONNECTOR #65 March 2023

POWER = Providing Our Workers Excellence in Retirement

Gerald & Dorothy Hogenbirk –

National POWER Team Volunteer Coordinators

hogenbirkgd@gmail.com 905-438-9210

District Volunteer Coordinators

CP -Brian & Judy Thom                  bthom200@gmail.com

WCD – John & Connie Healey      johnhealey100@gmail.com

CMD -Earl & Barb Case                 ecase@cheerful.com

CCD -Wayne & Betty Kerr              waynebettyk@rogers.com

ECD -Ron & June MacKinnon       randjmack@sympatico.ca  (western Ontario)

-Nancy McLean                                laurie.n.nancy@gmail.com  (eastern Ontario)

SLD -Allan & Judy Hack                 aljudyhack@gmail.com