“Inviting neighbours and nations to experience the fullness of life with us in the kingdom of God”

On Mission

Missions is at the heart of our denomination. It even says it in our name: The Christian and MISSIONARY Alliance! How incredible is it that we get to partner with God in bringing access to Jesus where few or none have had the opportunity to experience the fullness of life in God’s kingdom. As a denomination we have identified 5 areas around the world that we are focusing on: Caribbean SUN, Desert SAND, Silk Road, Asian SPICE and SEA to SEA (in Canada).

Sharing the blessing we have received with others is core to the role of the Local Churches in our district, drives our launching of New Ventures (new communities of faith) and motivates our International workers around the world.

For more information on New Ventures contact Malcolm Billing at malcolm@easterndistrict.ca

For more information on Global Missions & Mobilization contact Amanda Corbin at amanda@easterndistrict.ca

"On Mission Everyone Everywhere All the time."