Discipleship Team

As a district of churches, we desire to see a culture develop in each of our churches that leads to the development of disciples who make disciples.

The following Disciple Making Resources are designed to help us on our way in understanding what a mature follower of Jesus looks like, and how a church ministry can align itself with the work of the Spirit in leading people towards faith in Christ and onward to spiritual maturity.

Let’s work together to develop disciples that are Christ Centered, Spirit Empowered and Mission Focused!

Discipleship Resources:

  • The Great Invitation vs. The Great Commission – This article focuses on the need to understand that personal growth in Christ is part of Christ’s plan in preparing us engage in making disciples of others. Separating the invitation from the command turns evangelism into little more than a make work project of people who don’t know Christ.
  • Jesus Approach to Disciple Making Article – A classic article by FF Bruce that outlines Jesus’ strategy for making disciples.
  • Stages of Spiritual Growth – This tool identifies stages of spiritual growth noting both the characteristics associated with each stage of spiritual development, and how the church can facilitate meaningful ministry in supporting believers along their journey toward spiritual maturity.
  • Bringing Church Ministry to Life  – This tool presents a case study scenario that stimulates discussion in allowing Church leaders to understand how their current ministries align with their goals of leading people to Christ and then equipping them in discipleship.
  • The Pathway to Relational Church Health  – This practical tool focuses on a relational pathway for a church to consider how it uses its programming to attract, associate, adopt, apprentice and approve people as Christ followers towards becoming mature in their faith.
  • Characteristics of Spiritual Maturity – A helpful summary diagram from Putman that outlines the process of spiritual formation in a believer and the most effective posture of the church throughout a believers growth in Christ. Also see a Biblical Profile of Spiritual Maturity and the Description of a Discipled Person.
  • Spiritual Journey Overview – This resource on the Church Smart website (resource must be ordered) will help people self-identify the place they are on in their spiritual journey.  Coaching questions are also provided to encourage continued spiritual growth and development.
  • Disciple Making Bibliography –  the following resource is an expanded bibliography of disciple making resources compiled by the Alliance’s National Disciple Making Team

Discipleship Programs:

The following are disciple making programs and courses available for church use – you are invited to make us aware of similar programs that have proved helpful in leading people toward spiritual maturity. Please send your suggestions to your Church Coach.

  • Alpha Canada – Alpha is an opportunity to explore the meaning of life in a relaxed, friendly setting. Click here to go to the Alpha website. Click here to visit Alpha Tools, a website designed to inform, equip and inspire Alpha leaders, teams and supporters.
  • Navigators: 2-7 Program – The 2:7 Series is discipleship training. People in training groups learn and practice skills while they experience spiritual growth.  People will learn and practice skills such as quiet time options, ways to meditate on Scripture, how to sharpen and tell their salvation story, and other skill-based topics.
  • Growing in Christ Series – A week  course for new and growing Christians. Eight life-changing bible studies and memory verses for growing Christians.
  • Power to Change Discipleship 101 (for College students) – A resource to help someone become a multiplying disciple of Jesus.
  • VantagePointe3 –  VantagePoint3 is an organization deeply concerned with fostering depth and igniting faithful service by providing churches a unique approach to discipleship and leadership development.  We provide transformative and in-depth processes that help churches invest in the maturing of their adult believers and leaders.
  • Passing it On – One on one disciple making / transformational mentoring tool to develop Christ centered leaders that covers 5 value shifts.  Visit www.mentorlink.org
  • Days with Jesus – MentorLink International joins with The Jesus Film Project to create a discipleship tool using clips from the Jesus Film combined with excellent questions.  Great tool for families, new Christians and those that are visual learners.  www.mentorlink.org
  • Growing in Christ Series – small booklets with homework that covers lessons on Christian living, assurance of faith and beginning with Christ.  www.navpress.com