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Chaplains are ‘hands on’ when it come to engaging people in need of comfort, love, direction, healing, hope, and encouragement. These versatile men and women can be found in a wide variety of settings including hospitals, nursing homes, corrections (prison), military, corporate sector, Emergency services, schools and more.

Association of Alliance Chaplains

Chaplains are theologically educated and specifically trained to minister out in the community, often beyond the reach of the traditional church. They represent Christ in the midst of every day life and in extraordinary circumstances, quickly attending to the needs presented.

Chaplains provide pastoral care in community and government organisations and the private sector on a full-time, part-time, or volunteer basis –praying, counselling, worshipping and simply being available to the community they’re a part of. Alliance chaplains come along side of people of all cultures and religions who are hurting, broken, lost or searching.

The Association of Alliance Chaplains (AAC) connects its members with one another as well as with the Districts and the National Ministry Centre. The AAC provides professional and pastoral support, guidance and advocacy, and also promotes education and training.

Preparation for Chaplaincy

The Association of Alliance Chaplains encourages all chaplains to seek both portable licensing with the district in which they reside. For more information and resources click here

For the Canadian Armed Forces

We have produced steps to applying for the SEELM program.  Please download the process steps below

Process for Applying for Chaplaincy


  1. You may find CAF jobs offer on the CAF WEB site:
  2. Requirement to become CAF member:
  3. Requirements to become CAF Chaplain :
  4. Aside of the direct entry or the SEELM, there is a third option to become CAF Chaplain for our workers, it is the Reserve Officer Training Program for the Chaplain Branch.  Download this for more details.  RECRUITING RESERVE OFFICER

Recruitment Links: