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In the spirit of cooperation with churches and others outside the Christian & Missionary Alliance and/or Canadian Pacific District family of churches who may desire to utilize material published by the CPD, we are glad to make such resources available, keeping in mind the following disclaimer and suggestions:

“The C&MA Canadian Pacific District takes no responsibility for the use of materials or resources published by the district which are used by parties outside the CPD organizational structure, including but not limited to other denominations or Alliance districts. These materials and resources were provided for use by our district workers and churches, and others’ use of these same materials and resources is done without holding the CPD responsible in any way.

For those who access and use such materials and resources, however, we offer the following suggestions and concerns:

  1. Be aware of specific provincial or other governmental regulations that may affect use of these materials in a locale which may differ from those in B.C. Care should be taken to work with a lawyer in adapting and using resources and materials from the CPD.
  2. There should not be an assumption that what works in one environ can be successfully implemented in another environ without careful and contextual application.
  3. Implementation of any policy requires appropriate personnel or infrastructure to assure its long term success. For example, safety and risk management requires ongoing support and training.
  4. Careful attention should be given to avoid violation of copyrighted resources. To that end, be aware of Winning Kids Inc. which assists organizations with safety and risk management, and to which some C&MA churches individually belong as members. While the CPD has no official relationship with Winning Kids Inc., many of our materials have been adapted from that organization’s resources with permission.
  5. Any party outside the CPD, using CPD materials and resources, should not infer any relationship to the CPD in the course of using those materials and resources.
  6. The CPD staff is open to questions and inquiries from those outside its structure regarding its resources and materials. Contact 604-372-1922 or