Multiplication Ministries

Multiplication Ministries

The story of the Apostle Paul’s ministry describes how intentional evangelism and disciple-making resulted in the birth of missional communities across Asia Minor. It was his “goal” of making disciples, in obedience to Jesus commission, that led to the “result” of new church families.

We believe this “goal” and “result” order is important. The apostolic heartbeat of Paul was to see people become disciples of Jesus. He endured angry mobs and seas with this as his driving agenda. It was through this work, faithfully fulfilled in the power of the Holy Spirit, that communities of faith came to life. The making of disciples resulted in the gathering of those disciples into new local churches.

The goal of the Canadian Pacific District is to follow this example. We desire to equip, send, and support disciple-making servants (apostles and evangelists like Paul) whose Spirit-filled labour results in new faith communities that reflect the context within which they reside.

Of course, we can’t do this sending work alone! As with Paul who was sent out by the church in Antioch, we need our established local churches to catch a vision for this. We need our district churches to leverage their resources, enter into partnerships with those being sent out to make disciples, and establish new faith communities. And like the church in Antioch, we need our churches to think beyond their own backyard by being keen and willing to send apostles to the next town, province, and country.

Do you sense you have a heart similar to Paul’s? Do you burn with a desire to see new disciples made, and through them new faith communities come to life? Do you feel you are being “sent” by the Spirit to reach a community or people group? Or, are you like the church of Antioch? Do you desire to send out a Paul, leveraging your resources to see new disciples made and new faith communities come to life? If the answer is yes to any of these things, we would love to speak to you!