Chaplaincy is a transformational movement set outside the walls of the traditional church. Chaplains are called to provide spiritual care through incarnational ministry of both word and deed to the distinctive communities in which they serve. Our chaplains perform a full range of ministerial services, including preaching and teaching, administering sacraments, officiating weddings and funerals, spiritual direction/life coaching, and providing the ministry of presence in both crisis and everyday situations.

Chaplaincy is a growing ministry within the C&MA in Canada and we have a strong network of chaplains in the Canadian Pacific District. As a network of chaplains, we provide pastoral support, leadership, advocacy, education, and training. We currently have 24 chaplains in our district and over 100 chaplains throughout Canada. Our governing body is the Association of Alliance Chaplains.

If you have are interested in chaplaincy or have questions about chaplaincy in the CPD, please contact Carol Goh, Chair of the CPD Chaplain’s Committee at or 604-845-4725.

CPD Chaplaincy Lead Team

Carol Goh (Chair) – Chilliwack Alliance Church, Parish Ministries
Rev. Stan Braun, Langley Hospital and Cedar Hills Seniors Residential
Rev. Dwight Cuff, Correctional Services Canada
Rev. John Gray, Ruth and Naomi’s Mission
Rev. Bruce Rushton, Vancouver Fire and Rescue
Rev. Bill Wong, Corporate Chaplain Outreach Canada

Upcoming Events

Save the date! The Chaplain’s Retreat is November 4-5, 2018 just ahead of the annual District Staff Retreat for licensed workers at the Westin Resort in Whistler!

Chaplain’s Documents