Mandarin Pastor – Toronto Community Alliance Church

Posted: June 24, 2022

Toronto Community Alliance Church is looking for a pastor to lead the church’s Mandarin ministry. This person would primarily be responsible for leading and caring for the Mandarin speaking members of the church and for facilitating ministries that would attract new members. This person would also serve on the pastoral team, contributing oversight and direction to the whole church. This leader needs to have a passion for God and for Deeper Life in the Spirit, be a person of integrity and truth, and have experience in
ministry. This individual should have a passion for outreach and a vision for growth, and be someone who can connect both with Mandarin students and with immigrant families. While the focus of the ministry will be in Mandarin, there should also be some level of comfortability in English.

语会众,策划不同事工吸引更多新成员。应聘者亦须参与整体教牧团队的事奉,为教会整体守望及 提供方向。应聘者要热心为主,追求灵命进深,具诚信及持守真理,有事奉经验。应聘者须热心外 展传福音、对教会增长有远象,幷能与说普通话的学生和新移民家庭联系。虽然事工重点是普通话,但亦须具一定程度的英语能力。

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