Effective Online Ministry

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    Course Introduction: As the church begins to regather in person, it is vital that we don’t lose all the digital advancements we made while critically evaluating and reflecting on our digital ministry. Through a series of three workshops, we will seek to understand digital culture, evaluate what worked in the last year, and begin to design a long-term online ministry strategy for the future for either a fully digital ministry or a hybrid approach.

    It will examine how the internet and social media is profoundly changing culture and explore how the Church can effectively engage this new medium for the advancement of God’s kingdom and mission.

    Session #1 (Aug. 5) – Understanding Digital Culture (and how it is different than in-person): Bringing Theology and Media Ecology Together.

    Session #2 (Aug. 12) – Learning about Evaluating the Nut and Bolts (Bits and Bytes) of Online Ministry: Especially Hybrid (Digital/in-Person) Ministry Strategies and Methodologies.

    Session #3  (Aug. 19) – Designing a Long-term Implementable Online Ministry Strategy

    Instructor: Dr. Bryce Ashlin-Mayo
    Cost: $150 for all 3 sessions.
    This course may also be taken for Seminary credit or as part of the Foundations for Ministry certificate. To register for credit options:
    1. Seminary credit: contact registrar@ambrose.edu
    2. Foundations for Ministry: Click here for more information

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      Aug 5, 2021 - Aug 19, 2021
      August 5, 12 & 19 (9am-3pm)

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