Module 1 – Discerning God’s Voice

Module 1-Discerning God’s Voice

Thanks for signing up for Module 1-Discerning God’s Voice.  Here’s a brief intro video to acquaint you with the topic, and then a brief summary of the format we will be following.

(This course is a re-make of “Hearing God’s Voice For Yourself” originally filmed in 2018.)

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Summary of the First Module

The secret to any healthy relationship is communication. It is no different when relating to God. Our longing to hear His voice is part of our created DNA. We long to be close to our Creator. The lie that most people believe is that they can’t hear God’s voice. While it can be challenging, like with all communication, we need to work at it and make it priority. In this module, we focus on what the Bible teaches about hearing and discerning God’s voice. We will also look at how to test and discern if what you are hearing is from God, and focus on the whole role of obedience. We are following the “flip-classroom” format–where you will be doing the homework on your own (watching video teachings and doing some personal exercises to help you apply what you are learning), then you will join others in either a Zoom call format or a small group. In your group time you will be led by a facilitator who has already gone through this material and can help you grow in understanding, applying and inviting the Spirit of God to touch you, heal you, cleanse you, and guide you into wholeness. Some of you will be joining others from your church, recruited by a facilitator you know. Others of you may sign up on your own to join others you don’t know. This course is all about growing together. The homework for this module is to listen to 12 short 5-minute videos, spread out over the four sessions as outlined below. Each video is followed by suggested reflection exercises and journal entries, to help you grow in confidence in hearing God’s voice for yourself.  Here are some course notes that you will want to download.  Some of you may prefer to have a printed copy.  ***Download the notes for Module 1 here*** DEEPER IN – Module 1 – Notes.docx

What will you need?

You will need a computer that has access to internet. If you are doing the group session online, you will need a computer that has a camera and a mic set up so you can participate on the Zoom call. We are asking you to get a journal, have a Bible and follow along with the handout that you will receive online. Follow the prompts below indicating what preparation is required before each Zoom/ small group time. You will notice in the downloadable notes that there are text boxes following each video link so you can take notes if you desire.  Get ready to grow deeper in your relationship with Jesus and embracing His destiny for your life! Overview Testimony- Stephen’s story

Preparation for SESSION 1

Watch Video #1 – Introduction to “Discerning God’s Voice” Watch Testimony Video – Kat’s story Watch Video #2 – “Does God Speak Today?” Biblical Reflection:  Take a few moments to read the first two chapters of Genesis.  Make note of all the “And God said…” references.  What do you learn about God’s voice?    Maybe write out in your journal the insights that you find in this passage.   In our next lesson we will review what this passage teaches. Journal Entry: Take a moment to pray and ask God’s Spirit to help you get in touch with what is in your heart today, and then begin to write a prayer to God, pouring out your heart to Him.   When you’re done, go back and read out loud to yourself what you wrote.  Ask God if there is a Scripture He might highlight for you today in this season of your life.  Write it out in your journal.

Zoom Class – Session 1

You will receive a brief overview of the class and have time to ask any questions.  There will be some journaling and then you will meet your small group.  You will have the same small group members for the duration of the module.  You should have received the link from your facilitator.

Preparation for SESSION 2

Watch Testimony Video – (Dan’s Story) Watch Video #3 – Understanding Different Ways God Speaks Through His Word  Reflection Question – Take a few moments to read 1 Corinthians 2:10-13 which talks about the Spirit’s role in our lives in communicating to us the thoughts of God.  Write out in your journal the insights that you find in this passage.   In our next lesson we will review what this passage teaches. Journal Entry – What lies heavy on your heart today?  Is there something you are struggling with?  Take a moment to pour out your heart to God in your journal.  Tell Him what is weighing you down.  (The secret to good journaling is knowing that no one else will read it.  It is your private thoughts on paper.)  Then take a moment to be still and listen to His voice.  If you are comfortable write out what you hear.  If not, just reflect on what He gives you.  Often He will give a scripture, or a picture, or at times a wave of His comforting presence.  Listen for His voice of wisdom.  You will hear it.  Write out what you hear.  We will learn about testing these words in the lessons to come. Watch Video #4 – Accessing God’s Thoughts through His Word & His Spirit  Biblical Reflection:  Take a few moments to read through John 14-16, taking note of the person of the Holy Spirit.  What did Jesus teach about His role in our lives? Journal Entry:  After having read through John 14-16, write out a prayer to the Holy Spirit, telling Him what you have learned about who He is.  Many believers go through years of their Christian life having not acknowledged the Spirit’s presence.  Take a few moments to ask Him to forgive you if you have been unaware of His presence and ask Him to show Himself to you.  Then quiet yourself to listen and receive.  Write down in your journal what you sense He is saying, or how you experienced Him.  (We will learn about testing these things later on.) Missional Response:  God desires a personal relationship with us so he can pour His love into our hearts, and then bring others in our sphere of influence into this same unconditional love.  Take a moment and quiet yourself before the Lord.  Ask Him to bring some to mind someone He wants you to love on today.  It could be a person, it could be a people group.  Write down what you sense you’re hearing.  Try not to second guess it.  Then ask Jesus, how would you like me to show love to them today?  Write down what you hear and commit by God’s grace to the best of your ability, you will obey.  If you hear nothing, just go throughout your day expectant for God to direct you.  He will lead.  Be open! Watch Video #5 – Jesus’ Teaching on Hearing God’s Voice   Biblical Reflection:  Read John 10:1-30.  Write down the characteristics that jump out at you about the relationship between the shepherd and His sheep.  What does this passage teach about hearing God’s voice? Journal Entry:  Have you ever heard Jesus call you by name?  In Revelation 2:17 Jesus says that he will give each of his children a name that is only known between Him and us.  Often when people share in a close relationship, they have a ‘pet’ name for the one they are fond of.  How does that make you feel to think that Jesus has a pet name for you?  Take a few moments to sit quietly and ponder this.  If you are comfortable doing so, ask Jesus to reveal to you His special name for you.  If that feels awkward, maybe start by asking Him to bring to your mind Scriptures that reflect how He feels about you.  Write them down, and then write out a prayer of thanksgiving to the Shepherd of your soul. Watch Video #6 – Does God Really Speak Specifically into our lives?  Biblical Reflection:  Take a few minutes to read through Acts 9:1-19.  Read this familiar story asking God’s Spirit to teach you about how God speaks to His children.  You’ll see two dialogues in this passage: God speaking with Paul (Saul) and also with Ananias.  Write out what you notice and we’ll talk about it in the next lesson. Journal Entry:  Is there a situation in your life right now that you need God’s clear instructions on?  He has no favorites.  The same clarity with which He spoke to Paul and Ananias, He will also speak to you.  Take a few moments to listen.  Write down what you hear – and in the next lesson we will look at how we test what we are hearing.

Zoom Class – Session 2

Come with your questions, your observations and your God Stories.  You will be divided up in your groups to share, pray for one another, and we will do some large group sharing as well.

Preparation for SESSION 3

Watch Testimony video – (Annette’s Story) Watch Video #7 – God’s Personal Voice to You  Biblical Reflection:  Take another look at Acts 9 and see what else you might take note of.  Specifically note the truths about God speaking to these men that you have not experienced in your own walk with God. Journal Entry: Write out a prayer to God thanking Him for what you’ve learned and asking Him to take you deeper.  Ask Him if there are some people on His heart that He wants you to engage with today. Take a moment to be still and listen when you ask Him. Write down the names that come, and then ask Him how He wants you to engage with them.   This is a great way to be led step by step by the Spirit of God.  Step out in obedience, even if you are a little uncertain, and see what happens.  Linger over your schedule with the Lord, listening if there are any specific instructions He has for you as you enter into your day. Missional Response – Ask the Lord to put a face or name or people group in your mind of someone who like Paul is crying out to God for help.  Ask the Lord, what are they crying out for?  Lift them up in prayer.  Listen as you pray, as God often speaks to us through our prayers.  Ask the Lord if there is any action He wants you to take this week. Watch Video # 8 – Testing What We are Hearing?  Biblical Reflection:   Walk back through Acts 9 and apply these tests for both Ananias and Saul.  What do you find from this passage and what you know from other Biblical texts that would verify these tests?  Are there any other scriptures that come to your mind about testing God’s voice?  These are but a few – there are many. Journal Entry: God loves to reveal His character to us.  Write this question at the top of your journal page:  What part of your character would you like to reveal to me today?  Take a few moments to be still and listen.  Begin to write out what you sense the Lord saying.  Often God speaks in sentences in our thoughts, and He will include scriptures and sometimes pictures.  Allow the flow of thought to continue without interruption.  When you feel He is done, then go back and re-read what you wrote and apply these tests to it to discern. Watch Video #9 – Cultivating a Lifestyle of Quiet Prayer of Examen: Biblical Reflection:  In case you are thinking that God is too busy to be that concerned with your thoughts or your life, take a few moments to meditate on Psalm 139:1-18.  Personalize this Psalm and read it out loud to yourself. Journal Entry:  Pick one of the questions above and have a go at listening. Here are a few questions that you can use to help you listen:  What part of your character would you like to reveal to me today?  Who is on your heart Lord that you’d like me to pray for?  Is there anything in my life today that is displeasing to you?  What in my life is pleasing to you?  As I enter this day, is there anything you’d like me to do or is there something I’ve got planned you’d rather I didn’t do?  Over time you won’t need questions like this as you will experience the Spirit’s ongoing communication with you.  Enjoy Him.  He enjoys you!

Zoom Class – Session 3

Come with your questions, your observations and your God Stories.  You will be divided up in your groups to share, pray for one another, and we will do some large group sharing as well.

Preparation for Session 4

Testimony video –  (Jenica’s Story) Watch Video # 10 – Guidelines for Sharing What you Hear with Others  Biblical Reflection:  Take a few minutes to meditate on 1 Corinthians 14:1-5, 26-33.  Many people get side-tracked in this passage and focus solely on the gift of tongues.  While that is a valid study in itself, for the purpose of this reflection, look at these verses identifying what they say about the gift of prophecy. Journal Entry:  Take a few moments of quiet before the Lord.  Who are the people that are on your heart today?  Write their names down in your journal.  Go back through each one and listen quietly asking the Lord what is on His heart for each one.  Write down what you hear.  Pray for them and then ask the Lord if there is anything further He would like you to do.  If you are uncertain, then sit on it for a bit.  Try not to act without certainty. Watch Video #11 – Learning to Follow God’s Voice Biblical ReflectionJohn 14:21-24, John 7:17 –  Take a few minutes to ponder these verses.  Write down the new insights you glean. Lordship Prayer – Slowly read through the Lordship prayer in your notes – taking note of the areas where you feel resistance in your spirit – stop and dialogue with God about that area – feel free to journal if you’d like. Journal Entry Ask God if there is anything He has asked of you in the past that is yet undone?  Write down what you hear, and then dialogue with Him about it?  Why was it left undone?  What’s keeping you from doing it?  Remember authenticity is key. Missional Response – In the news these days there are many causes that break God’s heart.  Take a few moments of quiet and ask the Lord to burden you with what is on His heart today.  Give Him permission to let you feel the weight of that burden.  Will you share it with Him?  Don’t rush away from it.  Will you bring this burden to the Lord over the course of the next few days, weeks?  Ask Him, why He has shared this burden with you?  Dialogue with Him about it in your journal.  Do some research to educate yourself more.  Where is God working in this cause?  Is there room for you to join Him?  The purpose of this exercise is not to guilt you into service, but to allow Him to compel you forward out of love the way Paul talks of missional callings in 2 Cor. 5:14-15 Watch video #12 – Commissioning 

Zoom Class – Session 4

OPTIONAL NEXT STEPS ON YOUR OWN – In your notes we have provided more resources to further practice this discipline of Discerning God’s Voice.

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