Longing for a
fresh encounter with God? 

We need to be more creative in the way we encounter God together during a pandemic – but it’s still possible!  Contact Kathy Klassen to talk about how you and your church can encounter God in fresh ways during this season.  Below are some of the ways we invite you to press into the Deeper Life with us.  

  1. Deeper Life Modules –  Contact Kathy to find out how to customize these to fit your needs.  During this CoVid19 due to social distancing, we are not offering live modules.  We will be updating this page as things change, either to offer online courses or to resume live one’s when we are able to reconvene in groups.

    • Discerning God’s Voice 
    • Holy Spirit Encounter
    • Healing & Emotional Wholeness
    • Setting the Captive Free
    • Helping Others Find Freedom  
  2. Hands On Training (HOT Group)  –  Jesus sent the disciples out long before they had all their issues sorted out.  The goal of Hands On Training, is to gather people together, who are open to deal with their stuff, have their pastor’s blessing and are trustworthy to teach others also as Paul said in 2 Timothy 2:2.  We gather together for 10 evenings spread out over 4-6 months.  Our times consist of a meal together, some teaching and then we break up into groups to practice and pray together into the things we are learning.  God has moved powerfully through this. For those of you who want to be equipped to lead others into the deeper life, contact Kathy  for information about the Hands on Training she offers.  This is for people who are committed to going through the Deeper Life Modules and have their pastor’s blessing to be equipped to lead in this area.
  3. Praying with Others:  Looking for others to pray with?  God is uniting his Church from many denominations to seek his face in prayer!
    1. Pray For Canada  – Dr. Elaine Ho, has a passion for prayer for Canada and is networking with many who share that passion.  If you would like to subscribe to her prayer group, please contact her at the address above. 
    2. Missions GTA  –  Missions GTA is a city-wide network of ministries that seeks to pray for and minister to the GTA as the Lord leads.  Contact their website to determine what are ways you could connect.  There is a weekly prayer gathering that you can attend to join with others to pray for our city.

4. Needing someone to walk with you through some challenging circumstances?  As part of the benefits offered all official workers, the ECD offers a Counselling Assistance Plan (CAP). Go here for more information about CAP.

5. Church Renewal is another ministry that has been helpful for many of our churches in pursuing the deeper life.  Check it out at  https://churchrenewal.com/ 

6. Ambrose is offering the following course completely online.  Maybe this is for you!

If our world ever needed healing, now is the time!  This course is being online April 27 – May 1, and is available for Masters’ credit (regular price) or for audit ($200).