Deeper Life

Deeper Life

The Deeper Life within the Alliance, refers to you going deeper in your walk with God. For everyone this looks different. In the ECD we have many pathways for you as resources for you to journey on your walk with God. Take a look:

1. Deeper Into Life & Mission Course:


Deeper Life Modules are designed to help you experience the abundant life that Jesus came to bring us.  These modules have been set up in an online flip classroom format so that you can receive teaching, do some Bible reflection on your own and then meet with others on the journey under the guidance of a facilitator to begin to process what you are learning.  The real purpose is to help you become a disciple of Jesus that experiences the fullness of life in the Kingdom of God and then is able to invite nations and neighbours to do the same.


2. Prayer Groups

Looking for others to pray with?  God is uniting his Church from many denominations to seek his face in prayer!

Pray For Canada  – Dr. Elaine Ho, has a passion for prayer for Canada and is networking with many who share that passion.  If you would like to subscribe to her prayer group, please contact her at the address above. 

 Missions GTA  –  Missions GTA is a city-wide network of ministries that seeks to pray for and minister to the GTA as the Lord leads.  Contact their website to determine what are ways you could connect.  There is a weekly prayer gathering that you can attend to join with others to pray for our city.

 Click here to enter the new ECD Healing Room

3. Counselling Assistance Plan

Needing someone to walk with you through some challenging circumstances?  As part of the benefits offered all official workers, the ECD offers a Counselling Assistance Plan (CAP). Go herefor more information about CAP.

4. Church Renewal

Church Renewal is another ministry that has been helpful for many of our churches in pursuing the deeper life.  Check it out at