2022 Winter All-Regional

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    Listening to Their Voices

    Understanding God at Work in our Changing World

    When we meet online, ‘regional’ meetings don’t have to be regional; we can all meet together!  We hope to see you there.

    During Winter Regional there will be opportunities to join in two of these WORKSHOPS:

    Listening to their Voices: Women in Ministry 
    Understanding the challenges and opportunities our women in ministry are experiencing as they live out their calling

    Listening to their Voices: International Students 
    Understanding the International Student experience and how God is inviting us to engage.

    Listening to their Voices: LGBTQ+
    Understanding our LGBTQ+ friends and family and learning how to love as Jesus does

    Listening to their Voices: Gen Z
    Understanding the upcoming generation, seeing church and culture through their eyes.

    Listening to their Voices: 2 Gen
    Understanding the challenges and opportunities our second generation are experiencing as they wrestle with identity, purpose and belonging

    Listening to their Voices: Hong Kong Diaspora
    (offered once in Cantonese & once in English)

    Understanding loss and trauma among the recent wave of immigrants from Hong Kong and God’s invitation for the church to respond.

    *These workshops will be led by experienced facilitators in these particular fields.

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      Mar 1, 2022

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