The New Normal: Getting Back to Work During the Pandemic

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    Provinces are reopening and people are returning to work, but that doesn’t mean the danger is past, or that questions don’t remain. Even if provincial governments say it’s safe to resume normal operations, what does that actually entail? COVID-19 is still a real and present danger, so how can you keep the public and staff safe once they’re back at work? The pandemic has massively altered our lives, and getting 2020 back to a recognizable shape is going to take time and planning. Canadian businesses want to know what to do next as the pandemic response enters this latest phase, and we’re here to help.

    This webinar will help employers plan to resume normal operations without compromising their responsibilities towards health and safety in the workplace.

    Join us as we talk about:

    • Bringing employees back from remote work or emergency leaves;
    • Recalling employees from layoffs;
    • Adjusting emergency plans in case of further shutdowns;
    • Understanding how resuming operations affects government programs like CEWS; and
    • Meeting obligations for vacation time.

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      May 21, 2020

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