“Neighbours & Nations, Local & Global”

Resources to help you engage in missions both locally and globally

Engaging Globally

  • To find out about how to become an International Worker yourself head here: Send Me!
  • Check out Global Ministries for more information on how our denomination engages globally
  • For missional and innovative young adults wanting to learn more about strengthening communities of faith check out Envision Canada.

Engaging Locally

  • Read weekly stories about what God is doing across Canada by subscribing to the New Ventures weekly email on their website.
  • Listen to the New Waters Podcast, a genuine conversation about where we’re finding ourselves as the church in Canada and how we sense God calling us to be the church of the future.
  • Watch videos telling the stories of what New Ventures is learning across Canada.
  • If you feel called to launching a new community of faith in Canada, consider a New Ventures Apprenticeship.

Engaging BOTH Locally and Globally

  • Seamless Links: Connecting our Local Churches with the Global Ministries of our International Workers.  Seamless Link Covenants have become an increasingly helpful way for our churches to get involved in the ministries that our Global Advance Fund supports through the work of our IW’s on the field. Partnering with our own International Workers in these covenants connects the Local Church to missions and least-reached people groups all around the world!

Church Promotional Material


Looking for more resources to help you engage in missions both locally and globally? Interested in creating a Seamless Link Covenant with one of our International Workers?Contact our Missions Mobilizer Assistant Amanda Corbin at amanda@easterndistrict.ca